Week 9: Topics. One and Two

Topic One:

1. An instance where I was part of a group called, My Future My Choice, and we went to a middle school to promote abstinence and educating children about sexual triggers. We had to talk through a song with the kids and point out the promiscuity within the song. We played “Birthday” by, Katy Perry, and talked through the lyrics. We did this to protect children from the songs corrupting influence.
Link to Katy Perry’s song:

    2. I felt shocked at how many seductive messages were in the song and I felt uncomfortable explaining the song to middle schoolers. I was also shocked because I listen to some music like that and it was crazy how many sexual references were in the music that I have overlooked.

3. My favorite genres are; R&B, Hip/Hop, and Pop. My favorite artists are; Chris Brown, Future, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, and Enrique Iglesias.

Topic Two:

1. In some ways it seems feasible and in some ways it does not seem feasible. It seems feasible b…

Week 8: Topics 1 and 2

Topic One:
1 I did see some books on the ALA list that I have read. I saw the Captain Underpants series by, Dav Pilkey. I was shocked that this book was listed because I loved reading it growing up. But, I can see where it can be inappropriate, it references a lot of crude language that has to do with poop and stuff, but I thought it was so funny. I also saw, Crank by, Ellen Hopkins, which I totally agree with. That book series is very dark sometimes, I loved reading the books, but some kids growing up may take some of the books more serious than I did. The book references a lot of sex and teenagers acting as if they were adults and making adult decisions and it being okay. And I saw the series ttyl; ttfn; and 18r g8r. These books were also too mature for the audience they targeted. The book was about teenage girls, but they would sometimes sleep with their teachers, or they would use a lot of offensive language.

2. My take on limiting access to certain books is that sometimes it is o…

Blog Project #2

1.  INTRODUCE your subject.
. Tell why you chose this particular movie, book or recording. Why does it stand out? Is it in the news?
- The movie I chose for this assignment was, The Boss Baby, because I watched it last night and it is a new movie. It stood out to me because it looked cute in the trailer that I saw in previews for other movies. I have not seen this movie being talked about in the news, only previews.

. Include a movie trailer or picture from the film; or a photo of the author or the book cover; or a YouTube video of the artist performing one of her/his songs.  Select a visual element that stands out!
- The Boss Baby trailer:

2.  Do some background research on the subject, citing your sources.
. DESCRIBE the subject of your blog post in detail.
- The movie, The Boss Baby, is about a little boy, Tim, who is an only child, and his parents who are living a very happy life. In the movie, the family of three becomes a family of fo…

Week 6: Topics 1 and 2

Topic One:

I normally will get my news from Facebook, Yahoo, or from talking with my boyfriend. The news is not extremely important to my daily life right now because I am busy with volleyball and moving currently. But, the news was very important to my daily life when the elections were going on. How I know that the news I am using is accurate is, I do not know if it is very accurate some of the time. I really have to check sources when looking on Facebook for bias and credibility and on Yahoo, again I check my sources, but I trust a little bit more with Yahoo. I also believe my boyfriends sources, he is really into watching the news and is majoring in political science. So, while talking with him I make sure to ask questions about where he got his information to make sure it is accurate.

My news sources citations:
(n.d.). Retrieved August 04, 2017, from
Yahoo. (n.d.). Retrieved August 04, 2017, from

2. I do not subscribe to any online…

Week 5: Topics 1 and 2

Topic One:
1. What I found most interesting was that when GirlTalk remixes a mixture of songs and uses their sounds to make new music. But, even when remixing new songs out of old songs it is still infringing on copyright laws. An example from the documentary was “is art off limits?” (RiP) They are basically saying that when the future cannot use the past music to create new stuff, it suppresses creativity and when you suppress creativity, there is a lack of growth, and creates a static music community.
2. In my experience this is very similar to what we do in a lot of writing classes. When I write a paper I do research online and look for new facts and quotes to spice up my paper. Using other people's work, legally, can give a paper depth, instead of it being dull.
3. A concern I have with this documentary is that their is a fine line between using music and creating your own stuff and copying and selling music. I have grown up knowing stealing is wrong and that downloading songs…

Blog project #1

Topic #2
T.V. Show: Shameless
Show Website:

DESCRIBE the program:
1. I watched “Shameless” on 07/19/17, at 6pm, on Netflix.
2. The genre of “Shameless” is drama, it is an episodic series, but the type of episodic series is chapter show, where they have the same characters throughout the season. Chapter shows are also “self-contained stories that feature a problem, a series of conflicts, and a resolution” (Media Essentials). In the show “Shameless” the characters are continuous and they normally have a problem that is solved within the episode.
3. The storyline of the particular episode,”Pilot” season one,episode one is the episode I watched. The storyline is about a family called the Gallaghers, it is a family of basically six, the mom left, and Frank has other children, but I will talk about the main members. The father, Frank (William H. Macy), is a drunk that is very selfish and does nothing but bad things to his family. And then there are Frank’s five …

Week 3: Topics 1 and 2

Topic One:
Using Instagram I already follow the clothing brand, Aerie, which is an affiliate of American Eagle Outfitters. Aerie primarily focusses on underwear, bras, swimwear, and some other products. They use social media to reach out to young women all around the world and spread their message of body positivity, empowerment, and loving your real self. On their Instagram page I immediately saw “real” women modeling. They are not your regular models, most of the women are people who are wearing Aerie products, tage aerie in their post, and their images get used on the Instagram account. Their are women from multiple cultures, plus sized women, skinny women, tons of women who have not been photoshopped or perfected. From reading the book I believe that Aerie is using a hidden-fear appeal because many women feel self-conscious in bathing suits and underwear. They are selling things that “A campaign plays on consumer’s sense of insecurity” (Media Essentials). But, instead of using a pr…